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Visible Learning

Liberty Public School's  2018-2019 School year theme is "Making Learning Visible".  At Liberty Oaks, we focus on students taking more ownership of their learning.  After collecting data, we found our students did not have the language to describe what dispositions or actions good learners do to be incredibly successful. Hence, this year we have exposed our students to a common language called "Liberty Oaks Language of Learners". We believe great learners wonder, reflect, problem solve, try, persevere and connect.
Language of Learning
We are very eager to continue this exciting journey. Results from our January Liberty Oaks Parent survey revealed 64.8% of the responses had heard their child use the language, and 50.6% gave specific examples of how this focus is making an impact on their child's approach to being a learner.
On Friday, March 29th, we celebrated our growth. Each child was given an "I am a great learner. Ask me how." t-shirt.  Your child's teacher will be asking students to wear these shirts on specific days throughout the school year, as well as, special school events. Just like our grade level shirts, we would like to continue using the "I am a great learner!" shirts next year.  Please help us keep the shirt in good condition for upcoming Liberty Oaks celebrations and events. 
Great Learner
Great Learner 2
The things that have the most significant impact are those that make learning visible and explicit to students. The language of learning creates a shared language by all in the school community.  We invite you to also use this language when sharing your passion as a lifelong learner, too!